Katara Sedai

a practice as research project by tasneem rossouw


Katara Sedai is a work of performance art. Her science fiction autobiography is a performance archive made of the traces generated through her embodiment in the world. 

She was born as a Practice as Research seed to help investigate the following questions:

  • How are myths made?
  • Where is the boundary between reality and fiction? What happens when we play there?
  • How can ritual performance function in trauma mediation?
  • What happens to the archive? How is it generated, mediated and curated?

The projects featured here are highlights from an ever-growing collection of bootleg traces and private snapshots of her life deeply lived. This living performance archive begins to propose responses to those niggling questions her author can’t stop wondering about.

To chat technically about this Practice as Research project or request a bibliography, contact Tasneem.

The Archive of Katara Sedai

mandala in orange yellow red blue watercolour painting on paper


Hallo Hallo




Visual Diary

Postmodern Magic


Too Much Remembering Leads to Forgetting

100 Happy Days

Sound Art