100 Happy Days

ritual practice to reprogram perception

These are traces of a gratitude journal I kept from December 2017 to March 2018. It forms part of a reflective practice as research method I employed to see if I could change my own perspective on life, through ritual conditioning. 

At the time I was deeply engaged in formal research on the role rituals and performance plays on human individual and social life. I saw an opportunity to apply these insights into my own life.

Inspired by a popular Instagram challenge, I kept a gratitude journal for 100 days. During this time I explored what neurological reprogramming through ritual repetition and storytelling felt like in my own body and mind. 

My one commitment? To share something I was truly grateful for online, every single day — even if I felt awful.

While my research indicated it was theoretically possible, the effects of ritual conditioning seemed limited. However, learning to live with gratitude despite subjective feelings of suffering seemed to offer only gains.

This gallery shares traces of my progress through that process. What I found by tumbling down that rabbit hole is a story for another time…