exploring what curated performance encounters can bring to Social Innovation


Between 2016 and 2018 I collaborated with ATOM — a Capetonian artist collective — to host immersive, multi-sensory audiovisual events. While doing my fair share of administration and execution, I also studied when and how performance functioned within them.

During our residency at a local Cape Town nightclub, I set up a Practice as Research case study to grapple with questions around how art benefits society, how artists contribute to social formation, why art is important, and more. I used initial observations on stakeholder behaviour to iterate on a form of curatorial intervention that systematically explored how performance may work for Social Innovation gains through the role it plays in community building. You can download a PDF copy of my Masters thesis, which reports on this work.

The portfolio photos included here are fragments drawn from my private collection, public-access social media, official event photography, and posters and video stills by PUPIL Visuals.