one hundred days of dancing


What happens when you commit to dance for one hundred days and share it with somebody? What is the what, where, how and why of the performance archive it generates? These were the seed questions that germinated into danceyourselfloose.

This practice as research inquiry was conceived with Yanna Romano, of emerge, in 2017. It grew to include a circle of participants, many of whom I’ve not met personally. We danced every day for 100 days and shared our observations with each other and the public. You can read more about it in one of Any Body Zine’s fantastic publications about dance, movement and embodied politics — download the PDF of Vol. 2, Issue 3 here (we’re on page 26). 

Out of respect for everyone’s privacy I am almost exclusively sharing my own submissions here — dancing and sharing as Katara Sedai. Track the project from its first day, with the contributions of everyone who was willing to share publicly, on our Instagram profile @danceyourselfloose.

That was fun!


Danced so hard last night and thought deeply of this project and how this gentle engagement is becoming a safe haven for expression, a place to be fertile with feeling, where our raw nature is celebrated and thus a feeling of fearlessness at celebrating externally. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Farrah Earth

So excited to participate and support the movement of body and soul.

Jaime Lee

Love the cause and dance dialogue. Loving all the unique expressions of energy.


I love what you’re doing with danceyourselfloose. It’s really inspiring.

Alex Leeu

I love being a part of this. I feel a new sense of ritual emerging. Something that is shared and yet uniquely generated. I am grateful and inspired.

Farrah Earth

Forgot how incredible it is to rise and dance. Thank you, ladies.


This is awesome.


Lovelies! This is too funky for my feels. Thank you for doing what you do!


I’ve noticed myself checking Insta everyday, just to watch the videos. They bring me such joy.

Jess A