Hallo Hallo

the playful “hallo” as an act of courage


Hallo, Hallo is a project about loving fearlessly. It’s all about reaching out to each other, saying “hallo” and standing for love in a dark world. It’s about unapologetically giving a fxck, in a world that conditions you to think it’s cool to be unreachable.

Inspired by a friendship that began at an ATOM party in Cape Town, this little ritual of saying “hallo” started as a way to bridge the physical distance that comes with us choosing to live on different continents. 

It’s a thought beam, a land art installation, a way to work with memory, and a ritual performance trace. It’s many things, but at its heart it’s a celebration. 

Wherever you are, use what’s around you to say “Hallo, Hallo” to the ones you love, to passing strangers, and to the planet we share.