watercolour painting as mindfulness practice

mandala in orange yellow red blue watercolour painting on paper

This ongoing practice demonstrates one reason why making art is important to me: it can be a delightful, skillful means to develop mindfulness and meditative concentration. 

 To this end, I paint found designs in watercolour, and have done so for over a decade.* The point is not perfection, but progress — what started out as a messy, overly-planned exercise from which I was easily distracted has grown into one of my greatest pleasures. 

By sharing this work, proudly displaying every error, I hope to inspire the confidence in you to quest for your own practice. Art does not just benefit society when it is good, it is vital because it happens.

*This is practice as research documentation and these works are not for sale. The designs are not my own — this is basically a colouring-in exercise I use to train meditative concentration. Dates given are also approximate: I never date these works, as they’re part of a deeply private practice, and memory is a fallible thing. However, their relative positions to each other should help you observe changes in my ability to concentrate, and to work with watercolours as a medium (less splodges! more detailed designs!).