Postmodern Magic

Ritual semiotics, symbolism and storifying

Storify (verb)

  1. To narrate or describe in story[1]
  2. The composition of a story from real or fictitious sources so as to create change in the listener’s, reader’s and user’s emotions, thought, and behaviours in the desired manner[2]

This ongoing practice as research inquiry applies principles first encountered in Patrick Dunn’s Postmodern Magic — a guide to approaching magical practice from an information paradigm[3] — and later also informed by texts by John Berger, Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag. 

This part of my practice explores the magic of ritual semiotics, symbolism and storifying as it interacts with (auto)biographical memory and identity formation,  trauma mediation and the curation of the digital and social public/private interface.

Nudes 1

Self portrait. Digital remix. Brittany, France, 2019

Labyrinth studies

Trace of a series of works exploring labyrinth forms. Pencil crayon on paper, and digital remix of originals on paper, from left to right: oil pastels, soft pastels, ballpoint pen, pencil crayon. Cape Town, South Africa, 2018

Vanishing Point

Study on perspective and how to disappear completely while remaining in plain sight. Digital series. De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa, 2018

Self portrait 2017

Mixed media self portrait. Digital collage of originals: oil pastels on tissue paper, digital photography. Cape Town, South Africa

Breath in Triplicate

Digital photography remix. De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa, 2018

Leave Us in Peace

Digital collage. Natures Valley, South Africa, 2021

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