Sound Art

exploring sound as material


I often play around with sound as material. Sometimes what comes out resembles a song, and other times it’s a little more esoteric than that. As always, I focus on process more than product. What’s interesting to me is how the process of making influences how I remember events, learn new skills, engage with my environment, and process trauma. 

I work most commonly with the following instruments: voice, loop pedal, harmonica, percussion, baritone and concert ukulele, keyboard and piano.

These are a combination of snippets from polished work and bootleg recordings. A few are the sole remaining traces of improvisations….


A Gratitude for F.M. Alexander

An improvised thanks to the founder of the Alexander Technique

Hymn for Frogs in Rain

Snippets from an improvisation with harmonica and loop

The balladHymn for Emily Dickinson

An excerpt from the first drafting

Improvisation for Solo Piano

Snippets from explorations in simple song-making

Frog Lullaby

Snippets from an improvisation with harmonica and loop