Too Much Remembering Leads to Forgetting

negotiating memory through ritual performance art


Some years ago, my heart was broken. To process the loss that comes with any ending, I took to building cairns. They were a way to sink my feelings into stone, and externalise it in a way more private, and practical than words.

This healing, art-making, process grew into a Practice as Research inquiry into the ways we negotiate memory as it interrelates with our human body.

These cairns are performance traces — what’s left over after enacting a choreography across the multiple landscapes present in the moment of the action. They’re nodes connecting threads of memory across the physical world, emotional landscapes, the present time and the past experiences that inspired the movements that made them. 

Too Much Remembering Leads to Forgetting was live for a period of two years and enacted in South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Peru. Read more about it in one of Any Body Zine’s fantastic publications about dance, movement and embodied politics — download the PDF of Vol. 1, Issue 2 here (see pages 12–15).